About Me

I began "taking pictures" in 1988 and shifted to "capturing life as it happens" in 2005 when I moved into the professional ranks. During this time I won a number of awards and recognitions; worked with film and digital image capturing processes and mastered the film digital image developing processes.
My work is based on 3 areas of focus: Passion-Purpose-Price

What I Bring To Every Project
A picture may be worth a 1000 words but what those words say is controlled by the person behind the lens and the subject in front of it. I strive to find the passion in every image by instilling passion in every aspect of my efforts.

To Capture Life, As It Happens
A well lit, well posed and well edited image is impressive but you can’t pose life, it continually happens. Because of this, my goal is to be there when life happens and capture its essence in such a way that you relive the experience every time you view the photo.

You Can Afford Our Price
My Pricing Model is simple which ensures everyone can afford professionally created photos and prints. Be it a simple head & shoulder image for a business card or website to a panoramic image of a large gathering, I can meet your needs at a price you can afford. My Customer Service policy is based on a simple principle, if you're not happy, we're not happy until you are. If you do not like a print of digital image we will correct it until you are, or refund the cost of it, no questions asked.


I've been honored to photograph some famous as well as some not so famous people; I've photographed some well known places around the world as well as some places that are unheard of by most however my greatest image has not been captured....yet.

I am a member of the Professional Photographers of America [PPA] organization as well as the International Freelance Photographers Organization [IFPO] and I can be found on a variety of social networking sites.

Style Promenade: http://www.stylepromenade.com/styleshoots/23