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I always saw people's body language as a way of almost telling a story about them and I wanted to capture those moments with a picture. Photography was always something I did on the side as I went to school for business more so to please my parents. Since graduating I have pursued my photography career very aggressively. I am young but have enough experience to know what I am doing. I am self-tought and network with alot of photographers always willing to teach me.

Hopefully through the Model Mayhem site, I can continue to forge new contacts and friendships along the way as I continue through this career that has made me very happy. Anyone viewing my page is more than welcome to friend request me or send me a message about anything. I welcome new people and advice. My email is CAJPartners@yahoo.com

Feel free to contact me if you are looking for a photographer to take some pictures whether for your portfolio or just private pictures. All are welcome.


10 Jun 11 12:29
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08 Jun 11 10:30
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21 May 11 01:37
Welcome to iStudio.
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