Mark Vincent Rizzo
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About Me

I am very professional. Work is work, and flexibility to meet our demands is a priority to me.

In work, I am dedicated to getting the job done as efficiently as possible and have no problem taking direction or being told what to do in order to meet our goals.

My philosophy for style is to have great fitting shirts and jeans that compliment. I like to wear a 'what's it' item as a conversation starter, for that purpose I wear a surfer's tide watch most of the time. I enjoy experimenting in non-traditional forms of clothing or international cultural apparel such as Japanese styles or classic victorian outfits.

I like to carry myself in a 'devil may care' manner in order to maintain a regal air that leads by example. I like to express this attitude in personal photography, but I am happy to try as many combinations of looks and attitudes as possible in order to create the shot. I am comfortable outdoors, indoors, and of course studios in front of an audience.

In my free time I am committed to nutrition and fitness. I enjoy surfing, distance running, and all forms of outdoor excursions. I am a bit of a literature enthusiast as well and love reading or writing short stories and poems to express myself and expand my mental horizons.

I can be reached by cell phone almost any time (just ask if you'd like my number), or e-mail if that is preferred.


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