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About Me

I specialize in Fine Art Artistic Nudes, Erotica, Beauty, Fashion, Floral and Landscapes.

I’ve been involved with photography as a professional for over 30+ years from my beginning in Denver, Colorado, Los Angeles, California and now in Perth, Western Australia.

I’ve been shooting artistic nude and erotic images primarily for the last 5 years and spent about 25 years shooting magazine fashion layouts, products, floral and landscapes. I’m currently Associate Editor and photographer for an online lifestyle magazine. I’m on contract to shoot commissioned intimate portraits. My clients range from singles, couples, married women and men.

My passion for the nude stems from my time spent overseas and traveling the world during my freelance magazine days. I have always had a huge appreciation of nude art in its’ many form. My interest in nude artwork began from viewing statues that were on display in the European galleries where I lived for a few years. I’ve always been amazed how different societies view the nude, in some countries it’s very accepted, whereas in other countries nudity is seen as a bad thing and therefore it’s repressed. Nudity is readily associated with eroticism in modern America and other Western countries because of the repressive nature of current political or religious culture. In an inhibited society nudity equals sex and the mere suggestion of sex is deemed erotic. In a progressive, educated society, nudism is simply a fact of life. Eroticism is in the mind of the beholder. Nudity is a fact of life. A photograph of a nude subject does not have to be erotic in order to be considered art. A photograph becomes a work of art when technical skills combine with creative insight to produce visual magic.

I aim to live by my own motto: “If you can’t be inspired, then inspire those around you.”
In closing I would like to say I hope you enjoy the images as much as I do.


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The Dirty Show Detroit, MI, US 2010, 2011

The Seattle Erotic Arts Festival Seattle, WA, US 2011

Fables & Nocturnes, Perth, Western Australia, Australia 2009

Afro American Art Show Los Angeles, CA, US 1995


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