About Me

Thanks for stopping in.

I enjoy working with real human beings. Crafting images to tell a story; provoke thought, emotion and a reaction. I derive utter satisfaction and fulfillment in capturing profound honesty, be it pretty or unsightly, shameless or shameful, exhibitionistic or concealed.

While my portfolio includes images that are glamorous and fashion-oriented, I tend to veer away from that realm. There are other photogs that excel at that type of work so I do what comes naturally to me - discovering a feel in the moment collaborating with my model, and post-process accordingly.

I am reliable, punctual, professional and easy to work with. I pride myself on developing a comfortable working relationship with my fellow artists.

As always, if you have an idea I'd love to discuss it. I've always got several projects/concepts of my own and I'll never not give you my honest input when we work together.

Nov. 29: I have a handful of projects that are under development. Details will be posted mid-December after I move.

Thanks and I look forward to working with you!
~ Gibson