Massimo Petrossi
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About Me

Massimo was born in Trieste in 1974.

After learning ancient greek and latin, he started the degree course at the Faculty of Engineering. Soon he realize that he misunderstood: "electronics is not informatics" and he opened a IT consulting and supporting firm.

Fascinated by photography and movie making, he was involved in many national productions, for his customers he creates multimedia presentations, also working as a cameraman and editor, audio-video cutter closely with Roberta Vlahov, a Trieste's journalist and documentary filmmaker whose works have been known beyond the oceans, and Valentino Vitrotti, from which he learns the use of professional Betacam.

The love of photography, the legacy of his maternal aunt with whom - as he was just 12 years old - he started to understand the entire imaging process -from capture to the negative development, to the photo printing... all this is now alive again after a long period of computer science.

He lives and works in Trieste, always looking for exciting new collaborations.


09 Feb 14 18:56
Beautiful port! Can't wait to see more...
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