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I'm an entertainment producer/agent to several actors, actresses, hip hop artists, supermodels, glamour models, adult models, & athletes. I use my unique production style which covers the daily events of real life people which in turn is used to prepare scenes for Feature Films/ Television show productions, Video Game production, & Music Production. I'm also a fashion designer with clothing lines such as Sean John, Rocawear, Wu Wear, FENDI, Louis Vutton, Gucci, & the list goes on! Everything posted is work that I have done with various entertainment entities, or related work. Enjoy the lovely photos of women, fashion statements, hip hop music, video game trailers, & movie trailers of work I've accomplished.


Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
The Mechanic
The Expendables
Prince Of Persia
Thor 3D
The Green Hornet
SHOW The Art Of Sexy Magazine
Black Men Magazine
Smooth Magazine
KING Magazine
Smooth Girls Magazine
Black Men Magazine SSX
Penthouse Magazine
Hustler Magazine
Manswers on SPIKE TV
1,000 Ways To Die on SPIKE TV
Archer on FX


20 May 14 00:03
Thanks for the friendship. Maria
15 Mar 14 18:47
Thanks for the FR. Stunning port!
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