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Jordan here!

I've been shooting models for a long while and love it! I truly prefer to shoot on location rather than in a studio. My goal is to work with models that are prepared for the shoot and committed to the project. My/our selection of location and any talent I can squeeze from my side of the lens should produce wonderful images!

I will tell you this first. I will get your images to you with in 4 (FOUR) (IV) that's (1+1+1+1) weeks. I refuse to even look at the images until at least 2 weeks after the shoot before I begin to process them. Why? Because when a shoot takes place, you meet the person and when I look at an image, I don't want to like it or dislike it because of your personality good or bad. If we are working together a lot, it means we like each other enough to keep up the pace and I/we will be reviewing the images immediately as a control so that we can learn and make the next shoot better.

I have no desire to pay someone to model, do hair or make up or wardrobe as ALL of US are invested in our own way and there for I do not ask for payment as well. I know plenty of amazing and talented people to fill in your place. Therefore, let's enjoy our talents together and get over the other bit.

Although I do not mind them from time to time, I prefer they're not present. I've worked with hundreds of models all over the world and have managed to keep my name out of harms way. Which means I'm safe and your safety is my first concern. If you show up with someone and haven't ASKED me prior, I will tell you to leave and not come back.

When a photographer sends you ideas, links to video or images, I recommend that you review the content in full prior to showing up for a shoot. This leads to frustration on both parties. Although I'm quite a humble young lad, unprepared models/mua/hair talents really piss me off and I will not work with you again. Should I show up with out a camera...

Why work with me? Well, I'm a lot of fun, we will see amazing beauty, I will work hard to collect and give you very good images if not amazing images..., you will be safe and might even get to travel to tropical locations as well as not so tropical but mind blowing nonetheless!


10 Jun 11 03:25
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