About Me

I'm a big fan of natural light, outdoor and location shooting. Also special lighting techniques in the studio. In my spare time I'm out scouting for new and interesting locations around San Diego.

My Rates:

Portfolios / Private Shoots:
1/2 Day (4 hours) - $300 - 15 Edited images on CD
Full Day (8 hours) - $500 - 30 Edited images on CD
Shooting your concepts, whatever you want, at the studio. Hair / Makeup / Studio Fee included. Clock starts when you go in to make-up and stops when the last shot is taken. You will also be required to sign a limited release, allowing me to use your images for self promotion only (on-line and printed portfolio). If you want to keep your shoot private, you may request a non-release shoot for 2x the price. I retain the copyright of all images, and they may not be used commercially with out an additional license.

Commercial Projects
Day Rate - $1,000+++

I retain the copyright. Full commercial license provided to client.


I will do paid test shoots for agency talent only, with a limited model release at the rate of $300 for 1 hour/ 1 look studio or location, agency choice. Concept / type of shoot is agency choice. Proofs are provided to agency on-line. Agency picks 5 images which are provided on CD to the agency. Your agent know what's best for you... Commercial usage license extra. Hair and makeup extra.

My Studio:

For all of my commercial projects, I rent the a studio in San Diego City, and shoot on location in San Diego, Los Angeles and Las Vegas if the client requires. Also, as of April 1, 2011, I have a new studio that I call home. For all of my personal projects, I am now working in San Diego CA

Please note:

1. All models are required to sign a standard model release.

2. Models are responsible for providing their own makeup artist, hair stylist, and wardrobe. Unless worked out in advance as part of the contract.

3. Only final edited images from the shoot will be released... under no circumstances will all images be released.

I have a professional studio downtown San Diego.

On Escorts:

I am a strong proponent of escorts. I think that there are many weirdos and freaks out on the Internet, and they will pose as photographers, 12 year old boys / girls, agents, your best friend, etc... just to get their hands on a pretty young girl. The first thought on a girl's mind should be her safety. Always bring someone with you when you are shooting with a photographer for the 1st / 2nd time (until you get to know them). No pictures are worth getting hurt.

References always furnished upon request.