About Me

Hello MM,

My name is Bobby Burdette and I formed Rising Sun Studios, Inc. (dba Bobby Burdette Photography) in 2009 and have specialized in Weddings, Portraitures and general photography (i.e. landscape, sports, etc.). Now I've decided to expand and broaden my portfolio by delving into the Glamour, Boudoir and Fashion/Modeling genre.

Photography, unfortunately, is not my main profession, but it has been and always will be my passion. I have traveled the world extensively and have seen incredible wonders and unique people. I have taken thousands of photos and after tremendous prodding from my family and friends, I decided to take my love of photography and capture moments, places and people and deliver that as a professional.

Rising Sun Studios, Inc. dba Bobby Burdette Photography is located in beautiful Greenville, South Carolina, but we are not limited to the confines of South Carolina. We are willing to travel to any locale to capture and create the vision we are searching for. I am looking to create close relationships and an extensive and vast network, to include but not limit any artist types, with models, MUA's and other photographer's who have the skills and looks that will help me achieve the look and allure that I want to achieve.

I am willing to entertain TFP/CD's with anyone to help build their, and my own portfolio. With that said, I know that to achieve what I am searching for, I will have to hire models, MUA's, etc, so feel assured that Rising Sun Studios, Inc. is willing to pay(within limits) to procure the models and locations to capture the most beautiful and unique images.

Thank you!