About Me

Photography is my inspiration, a creative labor requiring both heart and soul.

My photographic interests encompass a wide variety of subjects including still life, landscape, commercial product advertising, architecture, portraits, fine art and nude figure art, flowers, animals, and travel locations.

Aside from my commercial work, the own art is all project-driven. These means that I don't shoot on a whimsical basis, but rather with a purpose in mind. The shoots I do must fit the concept of the project that I am currently working to complete. Typically, these projects are books, both photographic presentations as well as fiction novels that I write.

My first book was The Edwardian Lawn Dress: Gentle and Timeless. The second book explored the beauty of lesbian love and was titled In Sappho's Secret Garden: A Thesaurus of Love, and the photography book third is a classic book on nude figure art titled, Nu Art en Noir et Blanc. I often work with poet Keith Winston whose poetry is inspired by and accompanies my photographic images.

I have written two novels, the first titled "Lock Knot," is a spy thriller that takes place during World War II. The second, "On Hell's Doorstep," is an epic. It is a drama involving murder, romance, twists of fate, and a presentation in graphic reality of the Great Depression during the 1930s along with the notorious outlaws who robbed banks during that era.

The third book is well underway and the working title is "Episodes." It involves a serial killer who is acting out and fulfilling his needs in the middle of social unrest in the middle of America during the year 1978.

My novels are fiction, but they are laced with factual and historical events and bring a presence to the forefront that engulfs the reader and makes separation of fact and fiction almost impossible to discern.


I am a frequent exhibitor at art galleries in both Washington, DC and Chicago and have work on display in various popular cafes in the greater Washington DC metropolitan area.

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