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17 Apr 17 14:19
Beautiful model!
29 Jul 14 01:26
Beautiful work!
15 Jun 14 01:21
Add me.
15 Apr 14 09:58
Dazzle the runway, Now casting TV’s first fashion competition! Launch the life of your dreams by starting here. http://www.breakintoentertainment.com/ email mikaelmadali@gmail.com for more info.
23 Dec 12 16:49
Have a sweet Holiday...151
28 Mar 12 15:14
Hello how are you? Im a web Designer and im trying to build up my portfolio for model websites. If you want me to design you a free site just send me a message or email me at design@siegeind.com to talk further thanks!
14 Feb 12 22:12
nice sexy look. Love to talk about possible shooting
04 Jul 11 19:39
Some beautiful work here! Keep it coming!
02 Jul 11 16:28
Why do such beauties have to be a country away... You are amazing.
02 Jul 11 10:47
Toy it was great talking to you. I e-mail you last night and hope you read the e-mail. Got a busy day but wanted to give you all the details so we can work out a schedule weekend.
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