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WHY: To expand my product line, and gain larger market exposure; Objective: to introduce a great American apparel band, and to offer employment opportunities in the fashion industry for creative individuals.
CURRENT STATUS: I have a business plan, but it needs some tweaking. I also have tech packs, patterns, muslin samples of my best selling pieces, and over 10,000 sketches that can be grouped into collections for the next 20 seasons.
MY QUALIFICATIONS: I possess great leadership skill, a great work ethic, and professionalism. My employment history includes manufacturing, retail, and management. I used my experience to develop and manufactured small runs of my products, then sold them to high-end specialty boutiques, selling out my entire inventory within the first two weeks. My accomplishments where highlighted in WWD, and I was noted 'up-and-coming' designer by Lucky magazine.
Investors please contact Patreq Holmes to negotiate investment the terms and obligations.
PROPOSAL: I’m asking for $150 thousand for re-startup for a 15% stake of Par Le Patreq. Investors please contact me to negotiate the terms.

Patrick Holmes made his first collection debut during the Spring of 2003 in Atlanta Georgia, under the label Just Patreq, and the reception was so overwhelming that the entire collection sold out within days. Following that, Patrick received orders from several high-end boutiques, earning him recognition in a WWD article, and he was noted as an, ‘up-and-coming’ designer by Lucky magazine.
However, right at the rise of his success the economy took a turn, which greatly affected startups, prompting Patrick to make the difficult decision to dissolve the business. Shortly after, in 2005, Patrick moved to New York City and enrolled in a Fashion Design/Art program at the Fashion Institute of Technology, but left F.I.T. to focus on reviving his label.
Patrick spent the next three years re-defining his label, including changing the name from ‘Just Patreq’ to Par Le Patreq. He updated his signature pieces and sold them to private individuals on a made-to-order basis, and used the opportunity to create a customer profile. He gradually expanded his product line to include tops, bottoms, jumpers, outerwear, and handbags. Then in 2012 he re-launched the label during New York fashion week.
With a proven business model, a defined signature style, a customer base, and a collection of top selling items, Patrick set out to turn Par Le Patreq into a national brand.


STADJ model DJ company
Betron Anderson Photography
Victorial Wells Dining Engagement
New York Rangers
Dreams in Heels PR
Reality TV star Ramona Rizzo

French Kiss Boutique Atlanta - Envy Boutique Atlanta - OohLaLa Boutique Atlanta BadRags Boutique Atlanta - BLUSH Boutique Atlanta

Premier Issue of Omar Tyree's Flyy Girl Magazine
WWD Atlanta Spring/Summer April 2003 issue
LUCKY Magazine 2003 Spring 2003 issue
Todays Black Woman Magazine
Atlanta Journal Constitution @ ajc.com 2005
People 24 Atlanta. (public access television) 2003/2004
Trump World Towers NY
Karmastra Lounge NY
Fox Theater Atlanta
Latin Connection Magazine

UCOF-United Colors Of Fashion
Cancer/HIV/Aids Awareness and Prevention

Best Designer (Oddessy Productions) Atlanta 2003
Outstanding Designer (Atlanta Talent Network) Atlanta 2003

Merit Manufacturing - M. Nell (MFG) - Turner Industries (MFG)
General Hospital (TV) - The Universesoul Circus - Designer Rene Rene of Atlanta -Drama Queen Style.com - French Kiss Atlanta - Blush Boutique - FutureBrand N.Y. - Designer Zac Pozen - LEVIS€™ Jeans - DANI NY - Rene Larc for Milan


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Fashion for a photo shoot. Shoot will take place on March 17, 2014. Shoot for Trade. At Hampton Inn & Suites, Poughkeepsie, NY.10-15 looks. Between 11am – 4pm. contact me at: info@shaereddingrogers.com; subject: Photographer looking for makeup artist stu
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Nice port! Wishing you all the best :)
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