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About Me

My name is Andrew and I have been interested in the hobby of photoshopping. Years ago, I use to be heavily into it, but never had anymore time to do it. Now, since I graduated from college, I have a lot of time on my hands to get back into photoshopping. Years ago, I accidently dropped my hard drive containing thousands of pictures and photoshops which did have some of my best stuff in there. The pictures posted up contains things I have done when I just got into them.

Since I do want to get back into photoshopping, I will do some photoshops for free just to rebuild my portfolio. Send me a message and we'll see what happens!


I am not part of or affiliated with any companies you may see in any of these photoshops. These were just used privately and were never shared in public up until now.

Credits do go toward: Import Tuner, Tori Mahli, Vanessa Valdez, Laveeta Evans, Tiffany, Hot Import Nights, and Performance Auto and Sound.


11 Jul 11 02:34
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