Kaz B
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 Imperial (lbs/in.)
 Metric (kg/cm.)
Weight:90 lbs
Shoe Size:3
Hair Color:Blonde
Hair Length:Long
Eye Color:Hazel
Ethnicity :Caucasian
Skin Color:Tanned
Compensation:Paid Assignments Only
Join:29 Jun 2009
Last:4 May 2010

About Me

I am curvacious and petite model at 4'10 and (yes I did write my height correctly!) but all in proportion and what I lack in height I make up for in personality and enthusiasm!

I enjoy my job immensely, have an excellent track record in reliability and put a considerable amount of time and effort in keeping myself groomed and ensuring I have plenty of suitable props/costumes. This means I take care of my skin and nails - on both feet and hands. You can be sure I won't turn up with chewed nails, skanky feet, yellow teeth, nicotine stained hands or dirty skiddy's in my bag! (unless you pay extra for the latter that is!)

If you have no references I would expect to be able to bring a chaperone who will wait obediently in another room, only moving to fetch tea or any other duty he may be required for ;)In return (and assuming you don't try to grope me, steal my pants or suck my dildo when you think I'm not looking I'll give you a good reference!

Also if I am working with another model (girls only ta - boys are stinky!) then I will be considerate enough to bring mouthwash, lube, wet wipes and deodorant as well as shaving my lady garden with a SHARP razor. Nothing is worse than a smelly co partner with a scratchy bush, smelly pits,and a severe case of "I've been eating dog crap for breakfast".

I have a bit of a mad sense of humour so if you like the quiet shy and retiring type in front of your camera you better warn me in advance so I can be on my best behaviour! I also like to be creative and I am very daring when it comes to outdoor work!

Additional skills:

I can pole dance a little, act and can also pee for England. If only they made it an olympic sport!

Please note - I have a minimun 2 hour booking duration from home and three hours if travelling. If travelling I would kindly request that you cover or contribute to some of my travel. Again if you have no references I request that this is paid upfront via my deposit system so I don't end up sat in the arse end if no where whilst you hide behind a bush laughing manically and rubbing yours hands in glee at this precious time you have cruelly wrested from me!

Availability - anytime any day of the week although please note weekends get booked up quickly and whilst I will do early morning if neccesary, copious amounts of caffeine would be appreciated ;)

Rates vary according to level and I do discounts on shoots of 4 hours or more - therefore a shoot to solo continental for four hours stills and video is 250 or £200 open leg. If you don't think I'm worth it then book a cheaper model but don't complain when they fail to show up or complain that the pencil thin "marital aid" they have brought along is hurting them! I'm certainly not shy when it comes to getting my clothes off and I can guarantee you'll get a performance from an experienced model who is comfortable with her levels....(that's me in case you hadn't twigged!)

I have backdrops, video lights (please request in advance of shoot so I can ensure I have plenty of spare bulbs!) and a dance pole available for shooting.

My working/acting age is 26 as I often get mistaken for for being in my early 20's...and until I quit drinking 5 weeks ago was still getting ID's for alcohol when I did the weekly shop. If you need my exact age for a specific reason please e-mail me and request.

Imperfections: I have a very small starfish shaped scar above my bellybutton from an old piercing that I had taken out. This can be removed in one click on photoshop - happy to supply a pic of this.


Website: http://www.KazB.co.uk

Work experience

*Featured in the Kiss Clubland advertisement
*Modelled fashion for a Chelmsford magazine
*Modelled lingerie for Gossard & Cancer care and local Southern papers for a charity event
*Promoted at Max Power
*Presented car adverts for TLC Logistics
*Promotions and media assistant for Debauchery (uk) and Charley''''s Angelz (Ibiza)
*Promotional assistant for Sin am


*Modelled for a popular tabloid
*Featured in a wetlook video in Cannes
*Shoot in Portugal with Glamour Breaks
*F8 studio Algarve trips
*Azur photo's - various assignments


*Presented student radio for Sin am for three years

*Presented for Babeworld & TVX
*Two live guest appearances on Kerrang Radio

TV & Film:

*Featured in the Kiss Clubland advertisement
*Took part in Documentary "Amsterdam Nights" as seen on Bravo tv
*Took part in a channel 4 sex education documentary
*QVC The shopping channel twice promoting a bath spa
*Film extra in 'Souled Out' 70's film
*Film extra for 28 days later
*Extra for BBC's 'Making Slough Happy'


*Escort (September 2005 shot by Photopete)
*Just 18 (September 2005 shot by Dave Beecham)
*Toobluehardcore (Shot by Dave Beecham)


*Presented for SPORTBABES XXX
*Presented for TVX
*Presented for Live XXX


*Solo video for Playboy (shot by Fraser)
*2 solo vids for Fiona Cooper 691 and 2nd TBA

*Girl/girl Shoot for TVX with Alicia Blue (Shot by Pete Mariott)
*Girl/girl Shoot for TVX Fantasy Channel with Dori "Hot Hole Honeyz"(Shot by John Miller
*Girl/girl/Girl/girl ShootWendy vs Donna
also starring Sahara Knight and Kaz B

*KazB & JJ TVX ''''Sex Makeover'''' (Shot by John Miller)
*KazB & JJ Private "I only love a bit of slap & tickle" (presented by Ionie)
*KazB & JJ Nectafilms (Shot by Tas)


*Various lingerie, glamour, fetish & art shoots for amateurs and semi pro photographers (portfolio/web/publication).

*Took part in an ongoing Granada Documentary