About Me

My full name is Afri Luhur Prasetyo. you can call me afri. I was born in Surabaya 24 years ago. Now, I studying for bachelor degree of photography in ISI Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Interested with making concept photos, story telling photos, make-up, fashion commercial adv, commercial adv

Still try a photograph in my own style!!!!

Please contact us for approving project at +628993833279 email: afrry_navalarch@yahoo.com


16 Aug 11 16:08
Thank you for the App !! =) You Have A marvelous Port And Experiences. Really Great Shots , Your Art Work So Amazing ^^ Wish I could Learn alot from you sir
15 Aug 11 14:03
Fotonya bagus bagus. Saya mau juga kalau diajarin motret yang sexy. Salam
11 Aug 11 20:42
Thank you for your request. You have a nice port.
08 Aug 11 20:22
Welcome to istudio. Nice work.
08 Aug 11 11:11
Welcome to istudio and thanks for the FR.
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