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An architect, who loves photography

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Special thanks to Claire of Manila::


08 Dec 15 07:14
Thanks for the FR I love your port and style. I hope to work with you some day... :)
16 Oct 15 07:17
Thanks for the request to add to friends!Your work is lovely!
12 Mar 15 23:38
Thanks for the request. Nice works. :)
02 Feb 15 15:07
Thank you for the friend request, I love your photography!
29 Dec 14 09:28
Your work is outstanding and beautiful...Keep that shutter going!
27 Nov 14 11:19
Thanks! I love your works!
16 Nov 14 12:10
Thanks for the friend request!
25 Sep 14 07:52
Thanks for the friend request
13 Aug 14 21:11
Thank you so much for checking out my portfolio and the good comments! Hope one day in the near future we can collaborate together and make something beautiful! Much Love
10 Aug 14 18:51
Thank you :) Hope to collaborate work with you on a photo shoots someday!
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