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I am photographer that is based in North Hollywood, CA. My photography experience is predominantly in landscape, urban, and nature. As a result of my experience, I shoot mostly on location as I am more comfortable using natural light. I have a studio set up, but due to the limited space I have to work in, this is used only on a rare occasion or if it is requested. I am currently specializing in lifestyle, portraiture, and fashion. Eventually I would like to progress in more emotional work, leaning on the darker side of expressional interpretation of the human spirit.

I am very open to suggestions, concepts, themes, and ideas. If you would like to schedule or talk about a particular idea that you have, send me a message.

Photo shoots by appointment only.

Email: gmmphotogrphy@hotmail.com

Website: www.gmmphotography.weebly.com

Model Mayhem # http://www.modelmayhem.com/2241009#

I am always looking to network also, feel free to add me to FB or send a like my way.
FB: http://www.facebook.com/pages/GMM-Photography/216471875040208

I can also be contacted at Email: gmmphotography@hotmail.com



Model Mayhem models

Anne-Marie Mueschke Mayhem #1998152 Model
thinklafiction Mayhem #2152019 Model**
Jazmin Desiree Mayhem #2246496 Model
AshleyCrazSully Mayhem #2256079 Model**
Claudine Monet Mayhem #2281172 Model****
Heidi Bird Mayhem #2274166 Model
Tori789 Mayhem #2321436 Model**
Tomek Kosalka Mayhem #2116074 Model
Daria Martini Mayhem #2324493 Model**
Caryn Higgins Mayhem #1090945 Model
Tieira Nicole Mayhem #1051965 Model
Ren Harris Mayhem #2334255 Model
Starr Mayhem #2325350 Model
Christine Barger Mayhem #2333685 Model
Michelle Reha Mayhem #2346501 Model**
Sita F Mayhem #2350117 Model

CL Models

Nicole P ****
Julia M

* I have shot with more than once.


15 Apr 14 16:15
Gorgeous port!
29 Dec 11 09:58
Nice port!:)
06 Nov 11 00:37
Hi CONGRATULATIONS on winning our October photo contest (POTM) Picture of the Month. You deserve it. Keep up the great work!!!
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