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For Contact with any of my Models Drop me a line Or log on to my website link contact form on there

~ BEAUTY CAN BE SEEN IN ALL THINGS, SEEING AND COMPOSING THE BEAUTY IS WHAT SEPARATES THE SNAPSHOT FROM THE PHOTOGRAPH ~ willing to work with all professionals and newbies. Drop me your contacts if intrested and i will show you the love.

I Have gotten in to Professional Photography for about 16 years now, Have worked in Sports, Landscape, Concerts, and Commercial and now I am trying Modeling Photography. I am looking forward to work with people who keeps the same vision as mine and willing to try new stuff.

I have really wild and Crazy Ideas that I wanted to try and looking forward to work with you .

Ps If requesting a friends request please show some love on my images or I need a good reason for the friends request . I f ur my friend Ur super special thanks alot.



1852139 model Ladyy CJ


10 Aug 18 14:05
I had forgotten I had a profile here, was only recently reminded of such. Thank you for the kind comment. Very nice images..
27 Dec 16 21:06
Thank you very much for the love on my page, back in April. I rarely ever check this site at all. But thank you.
08 Jun 16 18:33
nice port
30 Apr 16 09:56
Thank you for the pic comments and listings!
29 Apr 16 15:33
Love your shots. Great work!!
25 Apr 16 07:07
thanks for the photo luv ;)
24 Jan 15 19:17
Thanks for all the love on my pics ... Look forward to working with you again soon :)
22 Jan 15 09:20
Hello Smiley! Remember me? Aka Gia! I remember you I thoroughly enjoyed watching you`re video`s and looking trough you`re fabulous work!
27 Sep 14 08:38
LMAO... Thanks again Smiley for all the comments! I've not shot in awhile, So I guess I need to find me another Naughty Model to shoot soon! Take care Dude and keep on shooting.. :)
03 Sep 14 15:11
Hot stuff!
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