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About Me

Hi. I have 25 years experience in the entertainment industry and am currently making a film for
Sundance. Some of my movie ideas look like the movie WHAT DREAMS MAY COME or like the
movie MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA GIRL. I also helped get the movie CENTER STAGE produced and
restarted the dance industry in film. The show DANCING WITH THE STARS followed this movie
being produced.

Currently looking for a female, white, lead actress 21-49 for a straight romance movie. There
is pay if you look the correct way on screen.


WHAT DREAMS MAY COME - art design of Heaven
CENTER STAGE - Creative consultant, concept by M. Tricia Lee
Presenter of Not to Worry, Hakuna Matata phrase
Wrote ending for movie WHAT LIES BENEATH
Small acting role in WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING
Worked for Rob Reiner, Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock and others in business
Character of Emily was introduced on General Hospital with M. Tricia Lee concept
Responsible for rotating hosts concept on Ebert At the Movies after Siskel's death

My Godfather in The Business is Robin Williams.