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"There are no professionals and amateurs. There are only photographers: some of them good ones, some of them not so good..."

Hello to all! My name is Akis, traveled in 8 different countries, lived for a while in 3 of them, being back to Greece for the moment. I speak English, French and Greek.

I love photography and video. I mainly shoot nature (I LOVE nature in general!) and urban, but last period I focus more on human body and portraits as well. Therefore, I'm interested in getting to know interesting persons who would love to pose for me, passionate people who love to try new ideas: I am full of ideas too, let's try them out! :)

-Right now I work with a compact camera: yes, my photos come from a tiny Point-and-shoot. ;) I explore Moriyama’s mentality, therefore..! ;)
-I do only PAID works (retouching services included), my rates are beyond reasonable. TFCD is an option but only if the model is serious and has also a really tempting model mentality and concept that would make me to want to work with, even for a TFCD. If you don’t have a serious approach for posing and you don’t know if you want to do sth or not really, please don’t spend my time. Same goes for you who want to get paid for posing: I won’t pay any model to pose for me, thanks.

I shoot mainly outdoors, but can consider any other options: as I already said, I am open in ANY good idea! Mainly, I am interested in people who are honest and who mean what they say and they don't step back: I got a bit tired of this last type of persons, to be sincere...

Feel free to contact with me for any ideas via personal message here or through MY WEBSITE, WHERE YOU CAN CHECK OUT FOR MANY MORE SAMPLES, OFFERS AND SUPER NEW PRICES FOR EDITING SERVICES! :)

And of course, any comment on my photos is highly appreciated and returned, but nothing is obligatory though :)

Thanks for visiting!


Joanna #:37826


29 Nov 14 12:11
Thank you for the great time Akis! I would like to tell you that, except a VERY talented artist, you're also a great character and a good friend already for me :) Hugs, Jo :)
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