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About Me

No longer taking tfp work, my rates are more then reasonable. happy to tf for the right concept / if it will fill a gap in my folio.

hey, so this isn't my first account here. Chose to make a new account trading under my name rather then a alias name. Currently a second year (diploma / advanced diploma) photography student. I'm mostly here for creative projects and folio building so im quite happy to TFP for the right idea / concept.

If you would like to collaborate with me, drop me a message on here with a concept and i will get back to you as soon as i can.



People I've worked with:

* denotes worked with more then once

Larissa Lees: #2104093
Nahoma: #2320988 **
Red Tess: #2335549 **
Chiara May: #2363852
Rachel A Brooks: #2388902
Alyce Bryans: #2378860
MzSoho: #2256195 **
Lauren-Elle: #2357867
Sam Morris: #2354511 *****
Angela: non mm model
Kaylee Elise: #1408511
Jessie Sparrow: #2534118
Mali Krystal: #2465261
Shaun Beehag: #2304439
Emily Rose Irene non mm model (bunny suit)
Domenic BR: #2731562
Jasmin-Skye Carl: #2758383
Mea Culpa: #1728082 ***
Josleen Hawas MUA: #1568908
Cassandra P Smith: #2853649
Sarah Edwards #2945092 ****
Loana Mertens non mm model
Polina Solovyova: #2472427
Marie Walter: #2185150
Sammz Katee: #1732469
Renee Caryn: #3089502
U N I C O R N S: #2126204 <-- amazing model, highly recommended.
Aimi Mori: #2484438 **
Talulah Jade: #1665453 ** <-- highly recommended model
Seraph_Protocol: #2516880 **
Dana L Brown: #3143468
Inga Cleary: #2732888 **
Melissa Hale: non mm Mirror Mirror Agency test shoot


20 Jan 14 12:57
Welcome to iStudio! Gorgeous port. Best of luck to you :)
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