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About Me

"Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder." -Plato.

"Imagination is more important than Knowledge" -Albert Einstein.

Hi. Welcome to "Photography1". I am a NYC based photographer who has been into the exciting field photography for over 15 years now with a background in advertising, marketing and promotion. Thank you visiting my little corner here in Model Mayhem. May you find inspiration within yourself, as you read on.

Life is exciting and the art of photography makes it even more exciting. Discovering that magical universe within the art known as photography can create inspiration within each one of us. Creating exciting photography that is fun, playful and most of all, creative is special and "elevating female beauty" in a classy way is what its all about, where passion, energy and creativity become one.

The female form is a wonderful gift bestowed upon those who cherish art and elevating female beauty through photography is one way to achieve this specific goal. It is about honoring and celebrating the Goddess within, thus elevating the female gender in its highest form through the captivating art known as photography and capturing that special moment in time.

I have been behind the camera as a clothed and nude model and in front of the camera as a photographer as well, so I appreciate both interesting and helpful perspectives. I find both sides of the camera fascinating and creative in so many ways, which helps to transcend one's own artistic and creative persepectives into a higher level of appreciation.

Is it a look, a pose, an essence, or an energy that makes a single photograph special, or different? I think it is all that and more. I believe there is an incredible sense of passion, inspiration and love for detail that is displayed in one single photograph in so many different ways, wether it is with that certain look, specific pose, or stylized idea. I often tell people to ask themselves the difference between looking and seeing so they can really learn to see the infinite beauty in all that is around us and most of all in people. The female form is beautiful and photography helps us to celebrate that wonderful fact.

In my opinion, the idea is to make each paid photoshoot fun and to come up with different ideas in order to captivate the viewer's mind in creating photographic magic. Thinking differently is a good thing because it brings forth a different and interesting mindset in how we approach a paid photoshoot. It will come across in the end result very clearly. It is noticable in the model's face when looking at any photograph when a photoshoot is fun, thus becoming instantly noticeable. So have fun because excitement and passion is all around us, all we have to do is open our eyes and our hearts to what you love and feel passionate about.

I love exchanging paid photoshoot ideas with models because I think the female viewpoint is valuable and is always important, to make each photoshoot more exciting than the previous one, thus elevating the concept of females beauty through photography. I am passionate about being creative in every way possible, thus helping to enhance each other's portfolios.

Achieving a positive and fun creative vibe between model and photographer is priority number one, in order to come up with creative ideas that will show up in each photo that is taken. In other words, let's create a special synergy, so we can create something timeless together in coming up with ideas together. I believe that synergy and passion can take us far in any endeavor in working with others to create something magical, timeless and most of all special.

In coming up with creative ideas with outside the box concepts, where elegance and beauty is focused on in my stylized and fun, paid photoshoots, I like to do fun character based paid photoshoots and like to do photoshoots inside and like play music during paid photoshoots and to use props such as colorful shades, mardi gras masks, jewelry, fans, hats, corsets, tanktops, t-shirts, stayup stockings, guitars, stools, banners, flags, use of unique lighting, chairs, satin sheets, furniture, rugs, interesting backdrops, colorful wigs, drapery, wine bottles, high heel shoes, high heel boots, plants, flowers, roses, colored lightbulbs, room dividers, wall scrolls, curtains, umbrellas, etc., as well as shooting outside, as a location. I like to do model video vignettes as "promotional pieces" also, in helping models to gain a wider exposure in the field.

I am always looking to do exciting, classy, interesting, energetic, creative and most of all, fun, paid photoshoots with new models. My paid photoshoots are about having fun, yet serious, but about creating something special and unique most of all. My paid photoshoots can be fun character based photoshoots also, which many have come from the exchange of ideas with models I have worked with. The character based photoshoots can range from schoolgirl, dominatrix, nurse, maid, whip cream girl, colored wig girl, stripper, oiled up girl, rocker, flasher to jungle girl, etc making the paid photoshoots even more fun, in creating something special photographically, thus making that specific character come to life. In my experience, I have found that the character based photoshoots are favorites among many of the models that I work with.

Overall, the paid photoshoots are about making women feel special, unique and most of all, beautiful. I can be contacted at and at *(347)768-9620, or by texting me at *(646)387-7462 with your name and Profile number (* Note: I do not answer "Private", or "Restricted" calls) in requesting to set up a paid photoshoot.

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."
-Henry David Thoreau.

"Every woman is a mystery."
-Don Juan DeMarco (Actor Johnny Depp in the movie "Don Juan DeMarco").

"It's beauty that captures your attention; personality which captures your heart."


I have won advertising awards before.