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17 Jan 14 22:40
Gorgeous port! Best of luck to you :)
25 Jun 12 20:09
Thank you for accepting my request. Great work, I really like it. :)
19 Apr 12 20:09
I wish american women of color weren't so uptight about nudity.
15 Feb 12 12:23
Thanks for the comment. You have a very impressive portfolio!
09 Jan 12 19:51
thanks for your compliment!!!greet Sabine
04 Dec 11 20:15
I like looking at the female form through your lens :-) You capture the beauty...especially playing with the way the light cascades over the form and creates some beautifully enticing shadows :-)
11 Nov 11 05:24
Thankyou for listing my photo, You have some nice work :D
01 Nov 11 15:50
Great port man. Your images have attitude. Awesome. keep up the great work! Danny
19 Oct 11 09:14
Hi Marco and welcome to iStudio. Nice start to your port with some great images. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to seeing more from you soon. Jeff...
18 Oct 11 23:09
Thank you for the comment.. R@ndi.:)
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