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You've hopefully read my vital statistics. Thank you for getting this far. I am older than twenty something and also, I am very heavily tattooed, so if you are looking for a model, that must be part of what you are looking for if you wish to consider using me in your work. I very honestly do not have a lot of experience. The experience I do have includes working as a nude life model for an open artists studio on several occasions and three photographers from Model Mayhem who I have listed below. I am very comfortable with my body and am not shy about taking my clothes off. I have also done a small photoshoot for a punk rock group. I love horror and have no trouble at all being made up for all sorts of horror themed photography. I have, so far, done one horror themed shoot and now have experience with two haunted attractions, including one online video commercial. I am really wanting to gain experience and build my portfolio now. Maybe you can create some art and I can be a part of the process.

I love working outdoors in the warmer months of the year. In the winter that is not a viable option as I would only be able to keep a smile on my face for a few minutes before the shivering took control.

I am also not independently wealthy. The opposite is more accurate. Please do not expect me to want to work for trade, regardless of how good you are at photography, unless the shoot is in my immediate area. I do wish to expand my portfolio so I will work for trade plus expenses, however, I cannot, under any circumstances, work for less. Thank you for understanding this.

I do bring an escort with me as my transportation and for my safety. Anything you think you can do, either with me or to me, without an escort being present can also be done with my escort there otherwise you are pushing my limits and that is not going to happen. If you cannot deal with an escort being present then do not contact me. My escort has not interfered with and will not interfere with a legitimate photo shoot.


Photographers I have worked with on ModelMayhem:

..........Bogeys Images, MM#2315626

..........DigiPat, MM#1290612

..........PhotoFun75, MM#423779 (three sessions)


28 Mar 12 21:00
Hello how are you? Im a web Designer and im trying to build up my portfolio for model websites. If you want me to design you a free site just send me a message or email me at design@siegeind.com to talk further thanks!
18 Oct 11 12:31
Thanks for the add. Ruslan.
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