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About Me

Hi, my name is Stace and I am photographer located in MD with availability to serve certain parts of VA and NJ. Additionally I am in close proximity to the Philadelphia area.

Currently I am looking to work with anyone, male or female, who is passionate about the art of modeling and the science of photography. I lend myself to the approach of collaborative efforts which tends to blend the creative process of both the model and the photographer.

Additionally, I have created a website,, where images and photos can be published and shared with friends, family and the general public. Upon requests I will supply names and numbers who can attest to my professionalism.

I may reach out to Models whom I feel are good at what they do and provide creative inspiration for me to produce greater work. I prefer paid shoots, but I am open to TF requests. My preference is that when we schedule a shoot, schedule a time YOU KNOW YOU CAN biggest pet peeve is when someone doesn't place the same value on my time as I do.

Feel free to suggest any concepts and themes you may want to work on and provide feedback on the images and the experience. My goal is to create a collaborative stunning port while meeting the client's needs.

I look forward to working with you.

Make sure to visit my FB pages and like me and add me. Good luck and stay focused!