About Me

Hi everyone, thank you for visiting my profile.

I am a photography hobbyist and also occasionally do visual arts including drawing, painting, and digital imaging.

I do sometimes receive unpaid assignments depending on my interest, location, and complexity. I am available in Jakarta and central Java, but in Jakarta most of the time.

Currently, I'm mostly interested in collaborating with photographers / models for:
1) Cosplay photography
2) Martial arts-themed photography (I do fight choreography)
3) Horror / Macabre-themed photography
4) Visual Kei-themed photography (for bands)
5) Gravure-alike photography
6) Vocaloid-related illustration / drawing

Feel free to contact me here or on my deviantart page or my twitter page @dezinfectant should you are interested to collaborate with me.


(1) Tania
(2) Maria Chrisliany
(3) Cindy Bie Muth
(4) Winny


09 Feb 14 19:16
Gorgeous port so far. Can't wait to see more from you!
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