About Me

Hello, my name is Sara Thomas and I own and operate ModelxPromotions & Placements. We are a modeling and talent discovery and placement agency that specializes in finding new, undiscovered talent and placing them in the right opportunity for success! Our staff of professional reps, talent developers, and photographers have been hand selected by me to provide all the necessary tools a new model needs to begin a successful career in the modeling world. As a former model myself, I know how difficult and expensive it can be to try and break-in to that world. That is why I have started this agency - I came up with a way to find new talent and place them with the right producer, agency, studio, etc., and all without costing you, the model, anything! The contacts and friends I have made over my 18 years of modeling now provides me with numberous open doors to place new models in! Though we specialize in "adult" type modeling, we also have many openings in fashion, bikini, lingerie, promotions, calendar, artistic, and casual.
If you have recently received a message from me, then there must have been something about your profile that made me believe you could be successful in modeling!
If you have an interest in this, we can provide you more info and direction to help you get there.
If you have a unique look and confidence in yourself, we can make it even better!
Again, this is at no cost or risk to you. Feel free to message me back with any questions!

Several of our former and current models are available by email to contact for referance purposes: Jen Reikart, Aubrey Linker, Meg Kinneir, Tamara Odell. Let us know if you would like to contact any of the listed models with questions regarding ModelxPromotions & Placements.

One more thing - we are not on here to collect and compile a "friends" list as a status symbol. So if we do not "friend" you, it doent mean that we don't like you or that we dont want to work with you - so please dont be offended.