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I graduated from 4 years at an art college, (ACAD), a number of years ago, and spent most of my time since doing work in relation to graphics/commercial art. I’ve always maintained a keen interest in figurative studies (mostly pencil and charcoal) and more recently through watercolor renderings. I maintain a studio in which I am able to work with models to produce a library of professional photographic references for the purpose of creating art pieces as well as occasional portraiture commissions. I believe the female form to be the most beautiful art on earth. I have strong interests in a lot of general and figurative photography, body painting and textural applications, photoshop layered manipulations, hand made pottery, sculpture,, wood working, metal work and the great outdoors. I am in search of mutually beneficial collaborations with models primarily in my area.. ...Let's collaborate!



15 Apr 14 16:16
Lovely port!
16 Jun 13 16:00
Thanks, and welcome to my world!!! :)
09 Apr 13 17:45
Thank you for your kind compliment. I rarely visit this site so I just read it, Nice to connect with you in this virtual reality. Are you on Face Book?
14 Dec 12 11:18
Happy December. :) Thank you for the compliment. :)
23 Oct 12 14:46
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22 Aug 12 16:58
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10 Aug 12 23:52
Beautiful work!
03 Jun 12 12:55
Thank you very much for FR and kind comment. Your work very lovely.
01 Jun 12 22:13
Thank you very much for the comment :)
08 Mar 12 18:08
Thanks for the Photo Comment! Love your work, so beautiful :)
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