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About Me

An EMT by day - an artist off duty.
Hi my name is Markus and I am looking for creative people to explore
the art of making photographs.

Though I own a digital SLR (which I still use for color photos) I do want to
utilize my slowly growing collection of 35mm and medium format cameras along
with my home darkroom to fufill the urge to create and satisfy those inspirations
I have when it comes to portray humans in photographs.
As you can see from my profile here - I'm open to all sorts of photography genres,
I just would want us to click creatively in order to make things happen.

Let's grab a cup of coffee, lunch or dinner sometime and talk about any projects
we would want to do - no worries that's part of the "deal" - whatever we meet for is
on me on top of some scans and homemade darkroom prints for your time posing.

Contact me if you look for someone to capture you with a camera or if you are any
other artist that has a model and or wants to collaborate on that level.

Sorry no random drive-by friends requests, spamming accepted, would want to keep my list to those
who seriously want to work together and/or have been part of a project.

Drop me a line to Markus(at) and we get started.

Let's see what'll develop?
- Markus


19 Mar 14 13:21
Gorgeous port!
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