About Me

First Off: If you would like to work with me I would like to work with you. I love to travel, and no job is too small.

On All Contract/Shoot For Hire:
No location is too far away as long as my expenses are factored in, so feel free to ask. I will do my best to see that something is worked out, and you get exactly what you're looking for. My rates are very reasonable if you have an idea or want to dictate the direction of the shoot please feel free to discuss it with me.

I do not pay models, and I do limited TFP work. Feel free to contact me if you would like to be considered. While I have been known to dabble in, I am not a fashion / fetish / alt-Goth / lingerie or swimsuit photographer. TFP shoots are for me to make my art with people who want to work with me toward that goal. Let it be known while not my primary focus, I do shoot nudes. If you have reservations about this, or would prefer not to shoot nude, I understand this and will not pressure you otherwise and we can still have a great shoot. My work is about the piece itself, and its commercial viability, and not a personal desire to get models naked. I am a professional and I act accordingly no matter the landscape.

I am available for:

- Private commissioned work
- fine art nudes
- Portrait shoots
- model portfolio development
- editorial work
- promotional and live photography for bands
- any project I find interesting enough to shoot


16 Nov 11 00:01
Hi and welcome! Photo Retoucher here available for hire. Please feel free to add me on Facebook for updates, and a chance to win free photo retouches!
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