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About Me

Me and my wife own Timeless Photography LLC, located in Douglas, GA. Our focus us helping new models build up a quality portfolio. We do manage a few models, and help with getting them acclimated to the industry and the good photographers out there and to beware of the bad. We love the art of photography, and believe that with the right subject, setting, lighting, and the photographers eye, something magical can happen and the image that is captured takes on a life of its own. And though we may shoot millions of frames and sort through many captures we are committed to make the next image our masterpiece. I do not like to overly use Photoshop, not saying anything is wrong with it just for me I like the purity of the art between a photographer and model and feel these programs cheapen the image. I will occasionally use it to remove something that was unable to be composed around, or touch up a model if needed.

Now you may ask yourself as a model, how do I work with these people. That is simple, shoot us an email and we will get back to you with a quote. I only shoot TFP/TFCD with exceptional models and I initiate that contact and offer that type of shoot. I do shoot for a regional publication and some of the girls will have the option to be printed, it does not pay anything, only tearsheet(s). I do not do this as a hobby, I do like to take pictures, I can take pictures far more impressive with no models in them, and I do not pay models unless I am being paid by a client, and I do not pay travel unless it also is being paid by a client. I have a heavy investment in equipment and knowledge, and that is not cheap. I am getting sick of girls who have done one or two photo shoot telling me that they only do paid shoots with travel expenses paid. I have drove 6 & 8 hours away on my own dime to do a shoot I thought would benefit me. If you want to become a paid model that is great pay your dues. Put in the shoots and make the contacts and get a contract.

And another issue is escorts. I do not usually shoot nudes on a first shoot, unless things progress real well. I have no problem with an escort at the initial meeting and on the first shoot, as long as the escort knows how to act and stays out the way and quiet. After the first shoot and checking with other girls for references if you are not comfortable enough to shoot with me without an escort then we will not shoot again.

We have reasonable rates on portfolio development and we are very creative. If the model can afford it we will travel and shoot anywhere she would like. The rates start at $499.00 and go up plus expenses. We will work out payment plans if necessary. We do have an after school modeling program for younger models in the area, that cost $50.00 a month, plus any travel we do on the weekend to shoot.

Let us know if we can help you!