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I am finally getting started taking pictures of people. For years I have taken photos of things. I am very involved in motorcycles and hot rods. So, after talking to a few of the pretty women at car and motorcycle shows, I decided to give people a try. I dont have the best equipment, but as time progresses I will. So this is a chance for the models in my photos to get some expposure, pardon the pun, but.....The ladies have been very receptive and a friend of mine has a motorcycle website so they will be able to see themselves here and get plenty of exposure on his website. If anyone would like information on the models, drop me a line, and will be more then happy to provide that for you. Since we are starting out, I don't think it right to just post their email information.
Hopefully we can become "famous" someday instead of just good looking. At least them, not me. I am not male model material.