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About Me

I am a full time internationally traveling model, living in Brooklyn for a limited amount of time!

I have six years of experience in art and glamour nude modeling.

I I have been modeling professionally for the past five years and continue out of love for the job. I have a lot of fun at shoots, have tons of energy and always try to deliver the best results, whether by taking direction from the photographer or contributing my own ideas. I work well with photographers of all skill levels - from amateurs learning to shoot a model for the first time to the well-seasoned pros! I am a photographer as well and am happy to provide assistance and tutoring if desired.

Please do not ask me about adult/explicit/fetish work, however. Not looking to be featured on pay sites.

Tags, lists, friend requests and such are fun, but do not communicate that you would like to work with me. Please inquire directly about shooting together. My preferred method of contact is zlaticka @ gmail . com.

Due to high travel expenses, it is extraordinarily rare that I am able to accept an unpaid assignment. Please do not be offended that I will have to decline such requests. If I am looking for something specific for my portfolio, I will make it known to you!

Rates are available upon request, but I prefer that the photographer or client makes me an offer first based on the budget for the assignment. I try to negotiate the most agreeable fee for both sides. I accept cash and Paypal.

If you are able to provide accommodations during my travels, I consider this in determining compensation. I am a photographer and will accept lightly used Canon lenses and lighting equipment in trade if it is something I need.

I have a 50% cancellation fee (via Paypal) if the shoot is cancelled between one week and 24 hours of booking confirmation. 100% if it is within 24 hours of the shoot. This is non-transferrable if I am traveling but can act as a deposit on rescheduling the shoot if local (within NYC). If the fee scares you, and you are a bit unsure of your schedule, just tell me beforehand and the booking can remain tentative.


Oct. 16-22 Los Angeles, San Diego
Oct. 23-31 Baja California Sur, Mexico
Nov. 1-6 Los Angeles, San Diego
Nov. 6-14 San Francisco
Nov. 15-19 NYC
Nov. 20 DC
Nov. 21-28 Charlotte, Raleigh
Nov. 29- Dec. 1 Detroit [DETROIT - CHICAGO - OHIO with Anastasia Arteyeva MM #565522)
Dec. 2-8 Chicago
Dec. 9-11 Ohio
Dec. 12-20 NYC (last dates in NYC for some time!!!)
Dec. 21-22 DC
Dec. 23-28 Charlotte, NC

EUROPE 2012 - please don't anticipate any US bookings

Hair, makeup, styling by model unless otherwise specified. I don't have any tattoos or modifications.

Don't hesitate to contact me about traveling to your area!


My work has displayed on fine art websites, publications and galleries worldwide. Please feel free to contact me for broad list of references for my work in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia. Or kindly message anyone I have shot with here!


27 Feb 14 18:00
Female models for a photo shoot. Shoot March 17, 2014. Will cost $150. Hampton Inn & Suites, Poughkeepsie, NY. 10-15 looks. Between 11am – 4pm. contact me at:; subject: Photographer looking for Model.
25 Nov 11 20:42
Checked out your personal page. Awesome stuff. You are really loveley
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