About Me

Hi Prospects ! Call me Piér will be just fine. I'm a bubbly, exciting, innovative and reliable person who is specializing in portrait photography.

I have done quite extensive shooting during the analog camera era and making a come back in the digital camera age. The humble gear that i am using are:-
Body - Nikon D3000;
Body - Nikon D300s;
Lens - Nikon 18-55mm;
Lens - Nikon 35mm
Lens - Nikon 50mm
Speedlite - Nikon SB400
Speedlite - Nikon SB700
Speedlite - Nikon SB700
Phottix - Lightstand c/w shoot thru umbrella

I believe that my humble gear will be sufficient to achieve my objectives and i also hold dearly this statement made by Photography Guru - Tom Ang when he was featured in Channel News Asia program named Scenic Singapore "Expensive equipment does not necessary produce excellent pictures".

My shooting traits are;-
Eye contact;
Beyond Limits;

Honestly, i prefer to shoot TFCD for amateur models wishing to try out new themes for their portfolio or maybe build their Comp Card (if you know what that is and if people still use it anymore). I also find it more fun to collaborate with newbies or wannabes with some or even NO experience.

Theme shoots that are easily achievable with little expense are;

Outdoor - Waiting for Dusk/Dawn
Outdoor - Girl with Balloons/Pin Wheels
Outdoor - Me & my Plush Toys
Outdoor - My Giant Beach Ball
Outdoor - Blowing Bubbles
Outdoor - High End Fashion
Outdoor - Picnic
Outdoor - Raining Day
Outdoor - She's a Photographer
Outdoor - Bridal

Indoor - BF's shirt tease
Indoor - Home Alone
Indoor - Bachelorette Night
Indoor - Toilet/Bathtub/Shower
Indoor - Fantasy Roleplay
Indoor - Bridal

Special - Underwater
Special - Artistic Blur

I can be contacted via this email addy ( i12oolala@gmail.com ). Alternatively, you may wish to FB pm me. My FB is using similar email addy too. ADD ME ! I will respond to your enquiries in the shortest time possible at my next available lesser engaged schedule. Promised !!!

Hope to get your kind support by "LIKEing" my work in Facebook ! I am also opened for critiques and hope to improve with your generous comments as i grow...

Cheerio & Godspeed !