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About Me

“You see the world as though your eyes are a camera” is a quote I’ve been told quite often. I believe it’s true. Since my youth, I’ve tried to look at the world for its beauty, its symmetry, its color, and even its faults. I feel that is why Kung Fu Imaging is more than just photography. When I decided to use Imaging, instead of Photography, it was with this purpose in mind. I don’t just take photographs, but images that people can look at and feel.

Quality, style, and most of all, emotion is what I attempt to portray in images. My goal is to find emotion from the model that will create natural, strong images.

I have a few projects in the works now, so if you fit any of these, please put me on your list to contact:
**Asian girls with tattoos
**Curvy girls (Thin waist, big everything else.), or muscle bound (Really big and muscular.) guys for old school pinup styled shots

However, if you do not fit these, feel free to contact me as I am ALWAYS looking for subjects to shoot, regardless of what they look like!

Thanks for looking at my profile. I hope you like what I've uploaded as it's just a small sample of what I offer.