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About Me

I had my first photographic experience 25 years ago, with a Nikon Fm. Motor, sports and landscapes where the themes i was most aimed to as the environment did not invite to risk much more.

Nevertheless, the birthing of the digital cameras made me feel, more strongly, the need to approach the photography from a human point of view. I felt the urge to catch people’s world through the lens, specially women’s world. This way i am now on to the search of the sensuality and provocative side of each and every model, that energy that flows out from somewhere inside, somewhere we can’t see at a simple glance. I try to get this energy out and show it at its best, in the splendor of its beauty.
Autodidact and intuitive, i am a photographer more into the carpe diem than into the technical approach, more into the exploring the moment than the method. I like setting up a connection with anything i shoot so that i can get what i am looking for.
To shoot with me goes beyond the pose, it’s necessary to confess to oneself and to the camera the inner wishes, those we might not be very aware of.
I thank everyone who has worked with me and have allowed the pubblication of these pics that i am sharing with you.