About Me

The Value of photography is more than just paper and the sum of pixels on your screen. Photography is a beautiful instant form of visual communication. It is a memory, a slice in time captured for others to see.

My work offers a distinctively playful original twist on life and the way I see it. I specialize in fashion, beauty and portrait photography. I love photography; simple as that. My work has been published numerous times in my University newspaper as well as in the TODAY Newspaper in Singapore.

I readily involve myself in photography projects for causes that I deeply believe in. I am a huge believer in preserving and archiving our knowledge and culture for future generations. As such I have made my services readily available to galleries and museums everywhere. The benefit of what I learn from my giving has always paid me back many-fold.

Before getting into photography, I had completed my university degree in Business Administration specializing in retail and marketing. As such, I understand and speak the language of communicators everywhere. I have studied photography in college and university since 2004 taking a varied range of courses from visual arts photography to editorial photography. Even so, I constantly seek to improve myself through constant feedback, training and simply observing life as it passes.

I'm currently actively looking for Wardrobe Stylists to further our collective portfolios.