About Me

hi my name is bri ,
i have been doing photography, for a number of years but have only taken it serious in the last couple of years i like doing artistic nude which involves black and white shots i also like lingerie but am open to models own ideas as well , i have built up a selection of props that i bring with me to a shoot if reqiured,.
a bit about me i do erotic writting so some times the shots i do would be linked to a story of mine , this is if i ever decide to go to print with them i would have some pictures which are relavent to the erotic story that i written, as i said am open to models own ideas as well so please dont be affraid to ask if there is anything in particular that you want for your portfolio,.
hope to hear from you soon take care all the best

bri x

p.s if you ever want to contact me direct you can get me on either