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About Me

Loving you.
When you didn't see.
Not loving me.
Seems easy.
Loving you.
Got to be the hardest I ever did.
Loving you when you hated me.
So emotionally.
The streets is the place I see.
You can not love when you want to stay free.
Loving you I got to loving me.
Compassion isn't always relaxing.
But never fails to see how beautiful it can be.
To see love like when two birds is nesting.
Feeding their offspring in the tree.
Loving you is loving me.
How long before you learn this.
Before you see.

The soul fortune gotten.
So rich.
Sweet like cookies.
For the future.
You kept it secret.
Knowing it to be sacred for friend and fiend alike.
Love by the many.
Hearth breaking memories.
Walking around in the rain.
Out on the streets
Like a dead.
On the inside bright light.
With the crying eyes of a living shadow.
You walked into the forest sea.
To dwell.
Humming tunes to ease your pain.


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