About Me

I am a proud dad and children and family portrait photographer. The bulk of my work consists of pre-school kids, I have a great time essentially playing with them while doing the portraits.
I also do pet portraits in conjunction with a local doggie day care with a portion of the proceed going to charity. As with people I know that most families do not get nice portraits of their extended family members so when I do an pet event I donate my time, talent and most of the proceeds.

I truly most enjoy working with the kids though, they have fun I have fun and I know it comes through in the portraits that I do.
I would like to experiment into other areas like pinup and some glamor, but that is an ongoing project, with finding the time from my 'regular' job and the people..... aaahhh well it will come sooner or later.


09 Jun 15 11:18
nice work
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