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 Imperial (lbs/in.)
 Metric (kg/cm.)
Weight:145 lbs
Measurements:32-33-33 in
Shoe Size:8.5
Hair Color:Black
Hair Length:Medium
Eye Color:Green
Ethnicity :Other
Skin Color:White
Experience:Some Experience
Join:2 May 2008

About Me

I'm Nikolas S. Báthory, most people just call me Nik; and my biggest desire right now is to be on the cover of something.

-I love the idea of working with artists, body painters and other people to help me expand my portfolio and to help their ideas come to life. Though, I've never really worked with any body painters or people with astoundingly artistic idea's.
-I'm very drawn to the alternative things, and while I'm perfectly fine with modeling the more mainstream appearance -- I can't smile on demand, not to mention that I hate my smile.
-I wear eyeliner in almost all photo shoot's, but it's not an issue to remove it. I'm not against wearing make-up, but I tend to be less comfortable when it's more than my eyes. Unless it's executed amazingly.
-I love animals, and have no problems working with them.. though I'll be a bit hesitant at first when handling an animal, more-so with potentially poisonous animals.
-My sister and I share a very close bond, she also models... however within the next few month's she'll be unable to for a while (She's currently pregnant.)
-I like the idea of having people alter my image; hair, make-up and otherwise to fit a shoot.
-I'm pretty much open to all area's of work (with the exception of nudity), and working with any photographers amateur, or professional.

-Amateur photographers should expect a small fee, don't stress I'm not ridiculous it wouldn't be unaffordable.
-Clothing companies, I'm willing to work for clothing, etc.. or pay.
-More professional level photographers, I'm willing to work with on TFP, or TFCD.
*If you're unsure of where you fall, simply message me and we can work something out*

I add everyone as of now, so if you've added me as a subtle "I'd like to work with you" notice, I'm not going to pick up on it. So, just message me! :D

-I respond to most, if not all messages and comments. I'm also very appreciative of all photo comments I receive, and unless I'm in a rush I will take the time to thank you and possibly return the favor.
-Feel free to message me about anything; even if it's just you wanting an opinion on something -- I don't mind.

AIM: Count Grotesque
If you message me on AIM, or Yahoo let me know you're from One Model Place. It makes things easier.

-One 4G in my left ear.
-One 4G in my right ear.
-One 14G on the right side of my bottom lip.
-Two Bats at my waist line.

I'm on more sites than listed, but those are the ones I most frequently visit. I'm also on Elfpack, Elftown, fake, Retro Kitten, One Model Place, The Grind, City Events, HV Quenzer, Vampire Rave, and many others.