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About Me

From 1972 through 2007 I photographed the people and their cultures in Vietnam, Turkey, Iraq, Kuwait, Japan, Korea, Germany, and the Philippines, travel arrangements were provided for by the U.S. military. During the 1980’s I photographed scenics and railroads for post cards and calendars. I filed my DBA and opened a portrait studio in New York. From 1981 to 1995 I was the owner, manager, and a photographer for Ellis Photography Studio in Java Center NY where I also gained experience as a model consultant.

Retired from military service and federal civil service, I can enjoy photography as a hobby income.

I enjoy shooting in the outdoors with natural light and with the props nature provides us at the locations chosen for background settings. I can rent public locations or use the homes of customers when an agreement and terms are made prior to the photo session.

Basic Terms:

If you call me, you compensate me; my rates and terms are flexible and negotiable. I do charge a retainer fee of $50.00 non refundable. There is no set number of pictures you will receive, you get what you give. Give me your 100% and I will give you mine.

If I contact you then I compensate you, I offer Time For Prints, a flash drive with jpg images, or cash for your modeling services as you prefer. If you wish to be on the contact list please let me know.

If I pay you cash, I do not promise prints and the amount of your compensation in cash will be based on your experience and ability not on how long you have been a model.

Please do not demand top dollar or ridged terms, I prefer we negotiate your compensation and our terms. We can enjoy the mayhem and obtain our goals working together. We can negotiate any type of compensation (cash, TFP, free shoot, etc) I am flexible if you really want to work with me so please negotiate.

All shoots are professional including test shoots, but I think photography and modeling should be fun so relax and be flexible, layback, and communicate for a great experience.

If you are preparing to join IStudio and need 5 pictures I will provide you 5 free images, one time deal. Contact me for details.

Thank you for viewing my work


17 Jun 14 00:50
Nice work!
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