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About Me


my mum call me ♥ xiang..
my relative call me ♥ ah xiang..
my primary and secondary fren call me ♥ wei xiang,
my colleagues call me ♥ andy, my some college fren call me andy oso..some college fren+football mates call me ♥ nakamura..they say tat time my curly hair from rear view look like him, tat's how the name been fren call me ♥ andy zai..
so wat u wan call me?

u decide

I jus a normal guy who Love ss..annoying..noisy..talkactive..
I love ♥ white
I love ♥ Black
I love light colour as well, purple,pink =) for design la..
I love ♥ bling bling accessories such as earing..
I like to keep changing my style especially hair..cos i cant stay in same and bored situation.. like to try everything..

like to play and drink..crazy with my bro..

NOW i GET the her who actually CAN accept me already! I love my BABE... Wish everything about US can be smoothly & happiness till forever...

Hope all my bro frenship forever too

A. guy who
N.ame andy
D.amn love himself
Y.ou will totally agree with tat =.=

N.othing is impossible for me
A.nd i feel tat i m really over confident XD
K.anlina tat kind of rude word i alway say =p
A. is the alphabet i love the most
M.other and father person i love the most
U.wan to know me?
R.eally wan? thn jus
A.dd me bah.. =) all info have been fill here

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