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About Me

Hi, you've made it to my place. I'm on the precipice of 50, just starting to work with a camera (possible mid-life crisis), love kilts and this page is all about me. There is a lot mature content and is tagged as such. If that's not your thing then so be it...but don't judge, hit the back button and go somewhere else, no one is forcing you to look. If it is your thing, then welcome.

I'm a graphic designer who works mostly on web stuff and photography is relatively new to me, so I apologize if it's seems amateurish but everyone has to start somewhere. I'm working with a pretty old digital camera and since graphic design doesn't pay very well hence the donation area below.

I hope you enjoy my small addition to the deviant world and feel free to comment, critique or just say hi.



01 Oct 12 15:27
Hi there! I'm in Augusta, Ga but don't mind traveling. Mainly I do nude/lingerie, let me know if you'd like to work with me soon. In Feb I'll be relocating to Hawaii. Thanks!!
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