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About Me

My name is Dana and I have worked as a professional artist and photographer for 20+ years. I have a small but very nice photography studio in downtown Salem, OR.

My experience ranges from historical, scientific, scenic and art photography to classic and modern boudoir/lingerie. I work in a number of formats, from digital to vintage 4x5 Speed Graphic format, 1898 5x7 Victorian Portrait and a custom made 1860's style Wet Plate Collodion camera.

I have a deep love of history and try to incorporate that passion in my photography. Much of my work has a historical feel to it and I am constantly studying the techniques of early photography and incorporating what I have learned to recreate the imagery of the past. I specialize in Victorian Era Photography and do all of my shooting in that style with original period equipment; along with original turn of the century canvas backgrounds, props and wardrobe.


When I work with a model I try to focus on natural, sensual poses; ones that will show a real, warm, genuine woman. I try to create shots that are sexy and feminine. If you are looking for photos of yourself tied up, bathing in blood or caked with mud while playing chess with a stuffed mongoose... go elsewhere. I am an artistic photographer, but I do not shoot stuff that is over the top, completely off the wall or "shocking". I think too many photographers take the "art" too far in their shots and forget about the model they are shooting. The MODEL is the focus of my shots, not showing off my ability with Photoshop.

I normally do not allow "escorts" on shoots. If you feel the need to be careful then I suggest you contact any of the fine young women I have worked with in the past and check with them about my behavior. I am sure that you will get a wonderful review. Escorts are annoying and distracting and keep both the model and photographer from focusing on the shoot.

I also do not tolerate flakes. If you flake on me there are no second chances. I am sick to death of newbies calling or writing at the last minute with lame excuses to cancel the shoot. If there is a chance you are going to get cold feet, DO NOT schedule with me. I am a professional and my time is money and if you flake on a scheduled shoot then that is time I could have scheduled with someone else.

Models that work a TFCD with me receive ALL of the best photos taken during the shoot, regardless of how many that is. Models work hard for these photos and deserve to have every single solid photo to include in their ports. Some photographers limit the number of shots they will clean up, I don't. If it looks good, I will fix it up and include it. I generally have the CD in the mail within a week or less of the shoot; usually within a day or two.

0 Model - Anna N, MM #641236

I am accepting paid and TF*.

I am currently looking for models willing to do a TF* arrangement for the following...

~ Vintage Lingerie/Boudoir (circa 1890-1960 look/style)
~ Girl next door
~ Light Paint Projects
~ Ghost and Double Exposure Shots

Contact me if you would like to meet and arrange a session. I am mature, intelligent, personable, pleasant and above all, a legitimate and experienced photographer. I do NOT flake on arrangements.

Scheduled Shoots

Currently accepting TF* shoot requests. Contact me if you would like to schedule something.

Models I have had the great pleasure of working with and hope to shoot again very soon... I cannot recommend these fine women enough.

Ratchet Stardust, MM #485281
Katja Reid, MM #840803
Runfrior, MM #1587951
HuLC, MM #846567
Winglessdreams, MM #374068
Kaela_Rose, MM #754302
Kristen_Kay, MM #748972
Ashley Fullerton, MM #714920
Anna N, MM #641236 (x2)
Lindsey Olofson, MM #620242 (x3)
Mollie B, MM #406265 (x4)
Lauren Macey, MM# 597311
IngaElektronika, MM# 90250
Chantrelle, MM #564904 (x2)
Sarah M Davis, MM #559204 (x2)
Sega, MM #276505
La Belle Fille, MM #508639
wolfpup, MM #513233 (x2)

Lingerie Wardrobe

I have been building a small but impressive collection of vintage lingerie (1890-1970) and the wardrobe is growing all the time. If you have been wanting professional grade lingerie shots for your port but lack the wardrobe yourself, I might have what you are looking for.

A proper gentlemen for all of your photographic needs. Cheers!


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