About Me

Short, fat, bald, married 2 kids and happy. I like custard-creams and tea, also the odd ginger nut.'
I feel so old my bones creek when I move. I take photos to help me forget this creeping age thing.

I'm a pilot and skydive coach and can be found in DeLand, Florida 2 or 3 times a year.

My passion is wildlife and love going to Namibia for months on end and just being away from the madness. In the next few years Im going to sell up, buy a 4x4 and just go play.

Until then, I will do what I love and part of that is taking photos.

I would love to here from people that want pictures with a twist, away from the norm, odd, funny ... im up for anything.



09 Jun 15 11:39
Nice work
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