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About Me

I am an artist who uses a camera. My goal is art. The camera is simply my tool of choice.

While I am not actively looking for work, if you have an idea and you think you'd like to work with me, please get in touch. While I am not actively looking for new work, I am always happy to try something new.

I like to think beyond the common, limited idea of "portrait". I try to create images that capture a little of who is hiding inside you.

I tend to take my time, being deliberate and careful thinking through each image. Not just rushing, snapping away hoping or thinking "at least one or a few will be useful".

I like to hear your ideas. I am always open to new concepts, new ways to view things. I like to collaborate.

Some model types I would like to work with are 1. dancers... I would like to develop my skill at portraying the motion and intensity of your art, 2. musicians ... as a musician myself, I'd like to work with musicians (especially classical) portraying the passion of your music, 3. athletes (or fitness, etc) ... as with dancers, it is the motion and intensity of your work I wish to capture.

More of my work can be viewed at...