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hi my name is Krystal. i am 18 years old, brown hair, blue and green eyes, 169cm tall.
i live in victoria Australia, in the country region.
i have recently finished my schooling at a model academy.
learning posture, makeup and posing for the camera.
i am wanting to gain more skills in the modelling area, as i find it so much fun and experiencing.
I've always wanted to do modeling, I have a high interest in photography, art, creativity and fashion.
I haven't done any modeling but I love the camera.
My goal isn't anything big in the modeling industry, i just have a joy in it. Its a very joyful activity that gives a lot of great experience. I thrive in making myself be at my best in looks, and have an excitement in learning new beauty facts. The gym has been my best friend since year 8, and have wanted to do something in the body subject of things, so I'm studying to be a personal trainer, but doesn't satisfy my entire interest eg beauty. So I looked into modeling as well and really really want to get rite into it all.


01 Apr 14 16:01
Beautiful port!
01 Mar 13 01:03
Krystal, you look great. You have a lot of potential. Do yourself a favor and spend some money on a good photographer and get some quality photos taken. I love your look!
03 Jul 12 15:37
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03 Jul 12 02:30
Hi Krystal and welcome to iStudio. From what I can see in your current pictures, I think you will do well as a model. I look forward to seeing some professional shots of you in the near future. Best wishes. Jeff...
03 Jul 12 00:55
thank you :D
02 Jul 12 13:26
Welcome to iStudio.
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