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Wanna be a friend??.........Humor me first, send a tag, cash, comment,love note,proposal,something............ not just a blind I wanna be your friend cause your photos rock. I know that.............. Please, Thanks. That will take you a long way.

Hello and thanks for stopping by.

I picked up my first camera in London in 1971. I was 13 at the time and five years later had my first picture published in the local newspaper. It has been a wild ride since then, I was a photojournalist for the local paper for 6 years, B&W darkroom tech for a while, Studio manager for a large commercial shooter and opened my own studio in 1990. I have photographed a wide variety of things......... presidents, vice presidents, volcanoes, musicians, two weddings and a funeral, births, Street people, Important people, partied backstage with The Grateful Dead, had dinner with Michael Jordan and had my foot stepped on by Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. Photographed Magic Johnson in the Laker's Locker room, and I met Gunther Gable Williams (famous lion tamer) before a shoot . He was in his underwear.

I have photographed Milli Vanilli and didn't notice they were lip synching. I have been shot at and chased. I was once hired by LIFE magazine and have been published in numerous magazines including Forbes and TRIP. I have met and photographed Billy Joel, Elton John, Michael Jordan, Al Gore, Mr Rogers, David Hume Kennerly, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, and a few more.

Why do I say all this ...... other than it's been fun. Just so you know I didn't start in this profession last week. I am serious about what I do and I have been at it a long time.

So if you are serious about your career as a Model and want some killer shots, give me a shout. My rates are easy on the purse and I promise I don't bite.


06 Jul 12 13:25
Great work. !!! PLEASE view THANKS peter
03 Jul 12 15:30
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